OFATV is pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of understanding for Hastings County Trails.

More specifically these trails are the Hastings County Heritage Trail from Lake St. Peter in the north to the Trent River to the south in Hastings County and the Trans Canada Rail trail from Hastings counties Western to the Eastern border.

The trails connect multiple clubs and trail systems making our vision of a provincial connected trail system one step closer. Our hope is that this will benefit riders both local and visiting while providing a significant economic boost to the tourism industry in Hastings County and beyond.

The trails will be added to our provincial QuadON mapping system that can be found at http://QuadON.ca or by downloading our QuadON App on your Android or Apple device.

We would like to thank Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance and Hastings County for their collaboration on this agreement. We look forward to working together on a more connected Ontario.#poweredbyofatv