Membership Benefits

Why you should join the Johnstown ATV Club

Joining the Johnstown ATV Club (JATVC), you’ll meet like-minded people looking to have a good time on four wheels. One of the sweetest perks about joining the Johnstown ATV Club is having access to trails on private land as part of your membership fee covers the cost of insurance for landowners creating riding areas accessible to members only. We encourage you to buy where you do the majority of your riding since a portion of the membership fee goes to that local Club in order to maintain the Club’s trail systems.

The JATVC organizes activities throughout the year for all ATV riders from large groups to small gatherings where riders, their friends and family can get together and have a good time. Riders will learn more about ATV’s and the local trails through being a member of the club rather than on their own.

The JATVC trails offer a great variety of trails from riding in hardwood forest to cedar swamps to sand dunes – and if you like the challenge of riding in mud, we have that too. Currently we have 320 km’s of trails and our trails are wide enough for side by sides and UTV’s, with trail riding options for every experience level of ATV rider.

The JATVC always shares information on ATV safety, equipment, proper maintenance and tips on buying and selling ATVs. Beginner riders benefit by having all of their questions answered by a resourceful and trusted community. Not only do you receive information about the best ATVs, tires and equipment to withstand time and the elements; but as a JATVC member you also receive discounts at local businesses and club events.

We also believe in supporting the community by raising funds for local charities and causes and by participating in roadside clean up events. We inform Club members on Provincial Law, local By-laws, Rider Code of Conduct, ATV safety and lots of other valuable information needed for riding on our local trails. Another great benefit of joining the JATVC is the strength in numbers philosophy. Simply put, it is much easier for an ATV club to negotiate with private landowners, local authorities, and even the local press to keep local riding areas open, and get positive coverage in the local press and on social media. The more people you meet through our Club, the more likely you are to find influential people who can help you in a number of ways; from finding the best deals at a local mechanic, to finding someone with a resource or expertise that you need.

I guarantee that if you join the JATVC, you’ll create lasting friendships with other passionate ATVers and have great riding adventures.

Pat Marceau
Johnstown ATV Cub


Club Member Benefits

Includes but are not limited to:

      • OFATV Members get $20 to spend at by signing up at
      • Great insurance rates at Desjardin10% discount with Marks.
      • Discount at NAPA Auto Parts, for participating locations click this link: Napa Locations
      • Discount with Backroad Mapbooks, Canada’s #1 publisher of backcountry recreation maps and ATV Trails from Coast to coast.
      • Princess Auto Kingston provides a 10% store wide discount to OFATV members
      • Up to 50% discount on products at Benson Auto Parts
      • Powercases will provide a 10% store wide discount to all OFATV members
      • Special Member Only Events
      • Family/Volunteer appreciation BBQ (Every August)
      • Volunteer Recognition Program
      • Trail Warden Courses
    • Access to thousands of kilometers of trails across Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with the same OFATV Trail Pass and their reciprocal agreements:
      • Ontario Federation of All-Terrain Vehicles (OFATV)
      • Prince Edward Island All-Terrain Vehicle Federation (PEI ATVF)
      • New Brunswick All-Terrain Vehicle Federation (NBATVF)
      • ATV Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS)
  • Access to two private Johnstown ATV Club Facebook Groups; One for organized Trail Rides and one for the organized Trail Repairs. Contact Club President for access.

Community Involvement Events

We believe in supporting our community and our members also enjoy their involvement in the following:

  • Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Township Road Side Cleanup (Pitch-in) events
  • August Township Road Side Clean Up (Pitch-in) events
  • JATVC Embrace the Winter Ride
  • JATVC Welcome Summer Ride
  • JATVC Money Run Ride
  • JATVC Annual Charity Fundraising Ride Event
  • Limerick Forest Doors Open Events
  • Various other Limerick Forest Projects
  • Various local parades

Check our Club Events page for more details


We all have busy lives, yet many members still find time to participate in our stewardship and trail maintenance programs and help with our fundraising activities. Volunteers make up our executive and board of directors. They communicate with our members in the planning and direction of our projects, funding, and special events. Our Club is always looking for volunteers to help in these areas. Please send email to if interested in volunteering or complete the “Interested in Volunteering” form.