Club Trail Info

Trail Status

Please check the website or the QuadOn App on a smartphone for up to the minute trail status.

Closed Trails are in RED!

When a trail is posted “Closed”, if caught riding on the closed trail, you will be charged with trespassing.

We tentatively open our trails the second weekend of May, after the Spring Thaw

Please check the trail map regularly for the status of open and closed trails.

If you find that the trail needs repair or any other attention, please contact us with the details on the “Contact Us” link on our website and we will action the request as soon as possible.


Trail Passes

All members and day pass holders, remember your annual sticker or day pass must be affixed to your machine in a location easily visible by the Police and our trail wardens if you happen to meet them on the trails. The ideal location is the front left of the machine. Also, it is a good idea to be in possession of your membership card along with your machine’s registration and proof of insurance at all times when riding.

Crown Land and Insurance

While as an individual you are permitted to travel across Crown & MTO Land, please note that you are not covered by OFATV third party insurance until the Government land agreements are signed. Johnstown ATV Club is working diligently to secure official signed permission from Government agencies for club trail use. Insurance claims on Crown & MTO properties will have to be supported by private user insurance. Privately owned land which Johnstown ATV Club trails cross are covered by OFATV third party insurance.

Limerick Forest Recreational Trail Use

The majority of the large variety of recreational activities occurring within Limerick Forest is associated with its many trails and roads. The “mapped” trail network within Limerick Forest consists of approximately 180 km of trails ranging in size from “single track” to emergency access roads suitable for full-sized vehicles. In addition, approximately 30 km of “groomed” snowmobile trails are maintained by the Leeds & Grenville Snowmobile Association. A number of information kiosks have been installed at various locations throughout Limerick Forest. Mosaics of air photos and trail maps, 911 locations, parking areas and public service announcements may be found on these kiosks.

The current “multi-use” philosophy in Limerick encourages flexibility, consideration and respect amongst all user groups.  There are very few restrictions on activities occurring within the forest.  They include no permanent structures (i.e., tree stands), no overnight camping (and camp fires), and no motorized vehicles on the hiking trails north of the Limerick Chalet.  In addition, specific activities may be restricted where the safety of the public or the well-being of the forest is a concern (i.e., seasonal restrictions regarding the use of motorized vehicles on the trails during the spring season).

Recreational activities in Limerick Forest can be divided into two broad categories; motorized and non-motorized.  Motorized activities include the use of dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and snowmobiles.  Non-motorized pursuits include mountain biking, cross country skiing, geocaching, horse-back riding, bird watching, hiking and hunting.  It is the responsibility of each and every individual visiting Limerick Forest to ensure that they have met all of the legal requirements necessary to participate in their activity of choice.  Please be careful and respect other trail users.


ATV and Dirt Bike use in Limerick Forest:

The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville, owner of the Limerick Forest, has signed an agreement on July 20th, 2017 to work with organizations representing off-road motorcycles, ATVs and ORVs (side by sides) on the implementation of a program for the development, use, and management of trails in Limerick Forest.

The Johnstown ATV Club (JATVC) supported by the Ontario Federation of All-Terrain Vehicles (OFATV) and the Bytown Motorcycle Association (BMA) supported by the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) will be actively working with the Forest Manager throughout this program. The result is that ATV’s and ORVs (side by sides) riding in Limerick Forest will require an OFATV membership and off-road motorcyclists will require an OFTR membership. All motorized vehicles in Limerick must be legally plated and insured.

This partnership will provide an opportunity for trail wardens representing both organizations to be out on the trails in an effort to answer questions and provide assistance re the OFATV and OFTR Code of Ethics. Trail wardens will engage motorized user in Limerick in a friendly and positive manner about safe and responsible riding.

This new partnership between the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the JATVC and BMA will help maintain and improve the Limerick Forest trail network for all user groups by educating riders about the perils of drinking and driving, the potential damage to the reputation of the sport due to unnecessarily loud vehicles, driving without plates and insurance, littering and the need to respect the ecological integrity of the forest. A healthy and sustainably managed forest will ensure the long-term availability of our trail system, benefiting everyone who visits the forest.

In addition to helping to pay for trail maintenance, signage, bridging and the construction of new trails, membership benefits also include magazine subscriptions, equipment supplier discounts, member-only events, family rides, group rides, skills and development training and access to 100’s of km’s of trails across the province, otherwise not accessible.

ATV Laws and Bylaws

The JATVC strongly advocates riding safely, obeying the law and respecting private property. We have collected the following information about ATV/ORV laws in Ontario and it’s municipalities. It is the ATV/ORV rider’s responsibility to ensure that they are riding in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations at all times. The JATVC provides the information below for reference only and we cannot be held responsible for any damages or injury that results from the use of this information.