Membership matters!

Thanks for looking into how to join the club. Johnstown ATV Club (JATVC) is affiliated with the OFATV. By joining the OFATV and selecting us as your club of choice, you will become a member of Johnstown ATV Club.

ATV trails are not free. Every year the JATVC collaborates with many private land owners to create and maintain a superior ATV trail system within our region.

Your new or renewed OFATV Membership is much more than just a trail pass. Joining an OFATV club gives you the opportunity to shape the future of the sport and participate in the development of a province wide trail system.

Up to 75% of your membership dollars are used to build and maintain ATV trails in the area in which you chose to sponsor when you purchased your membership. This is why it is extremely important to “buy where you ride? The remaining 25% pays for government taxes, (HST) liability insurance, government lobbying, and helps to cover the operating expenses of the OFATV.

It is our pleasure to invite you to become a member of the JATVC and the OFATV.

Membership Cost

For those wishing to try an OFATV trail without buying a full one year membership an OFATV DAY PASS is available online or from the local club or trail side sales locations. These day passes are in the form of a piece of paper that has a permit number and a date, and are only valid for the day indicated. You are welcome to purchase day passes as often as you wish. Please carry you day pass with you on your ride as you can be asked by our many Trail Wardens to provide proof of purchase.
The Day Pass: $20 per ATV including tax.

Individual Memberships:
First Year: $150 ($132.74 + tax)
**If the membership is renewed before it expires, the member will receive the Membership Loyalty Discount and the cost of the renewed memberships will only cost $125 ($108.75 + tax) for the year. (Must be renewed online only)

Family memberships & applicable rules:
1. The Memberships must all be purchased at the same time and are Not available online. You must contact a member of the Club to inquire about purchasing the Family Pass. All family members must reside in the same household (Same address) and be able to prove it to the Club with a valid ID (Drivers license, or anything current with a name and address on it).
2. The cost for memberships 1 & 2 is $150.00 each (Includes HST)
3. The cost for subsequent memberships is $100.00 each (Includes HST)
4. Each Family member is a full member of the OFATV with all the rights and privileges of any OFATV member in good standing. This includes the OFATV’s reciprocating agreement with the NBATVF and PEIATVF whereby we can ride any NBATVF and PEIATVF trails & vice versa.
5. Each membership comes with 1 trail access pass which must be permanently affixed to the left side of the ATV or Side x Side to be valid, preferably towards the front of the machine.

How to Join or Your Renew JATVC Membership

There are three means of joining the JATVC:

1) Annual Membership or a 3 Day Pass can be purchase On-line at the OFATV Website Membership page: Click button below


2) To pay by cash or cheque please visit Local Vendor or contact the Club:

a. Day Pass: $20 ($17.70 + tax) per ATV/Side x Side (Purchase at Vendor or Club website or from a Club member).

b. 3 Day Pass: $50 (44.25 + tax) per ATV/Side x Side (Purchase Online from OFATV or Club website or from a Club member).

c. 1 Year Pass/Membership: $150 ($132.74 + tax) (Purchase at a Vendor, Online from OFATV or from Club website or from a Club member).

d. Family Memberships: $50 off third and subsequent ATV/Side x Side. (Contact the Club to purchase).

Local Vendors where certain Passes/Memberships can be purchased

Drummond’s Gas Bar (Spencerville) (Sun 7 am – 10pm, Mon – Sat 5:30am – 11pm)

Crossings Road & Trail (Prescott) (Sun Closed, Sat 8am – noon, Mon – Fri 8am – 5:00pm)

17 Acre Travel Centre and Restaurant (AKA Angelo’s) Esso Gas station (Johnstown) (Mon – Sun, 5am – 11pm)

Greenham’s General Store & Supply (North Augusta) (Sun 8am – 7pm, Sat 8am – 7pm, Mon – Fri 7am – 8pm)

To purchase from Club, contact President Pat Marceau by email or by telephone 705-443-2412