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Important Message

We bring you good news & we bring you bad news this evening…May 10, 2016

Good news is the strip of land that had been closed between County Road #44 and the tunnel is now open. The landowner there has been kind enough to open his gates to us for the season a little earlier than expected!!

The bad news is however, that the piece of land connecting the back parking lot at Angelo’s truck stop to the unmaintained road allowance that leads to County Road #44 is now completely off limits. That landowner has expressed to us on many occasions that he’s not happy with the destruction and consequent degradation of the trails over the last few years by way of our ATV travels on his land. We have done our best to repair his land whenever our budget allowed, but this landowner has simply had enough. Sadly this small strip of land is now permanently off limits to us and we are now forced to find another way around in order to access the section of trail that in turn gives us access to the tunnel.

We ask that, as responsible OFATV & Johnstown ATV Club members, you please respect this trail closure. In speaking with the landowner just today, he has made it very clear that trespassing charges will be laid should he see anyone unlawfully using his land. So just don’t, simple as that.

I have ensured this landowner that signs will be posted, which I did on both ends of his land today and members will be notified, therefore anyone he chooses to charge in the future for unlawful trespassing will most certainly NOT be any of us. If you do choose to ignore the wishes of this person the consequences will fall solely on you, not Johnstown ATV Club

Having said that, bear in mind please that ATV’s, UTV’s & Side by Sides are presently not allowed on County Road #44 due to the current bylaws in place with the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. We will be asking for permission to use that small strip of the road in order to facilitate access from the Angelo’s parking lot to the tract of land that approaches the tunnel under the 416. At this time we cannot authorize the use of the road in order to access the trails, but rather we are asking you to perhaps access our trails from the Limerick Forest in the pit off Forsythe Rd for now, as well from any of the other many trailheads we have such as Hands Rd, Glen Smail Rd (eastern most end), McNeilly Rd, Byers Rd, Newton Rd, Brouseville Rd, Pittston Rd, Rooney Rd, etc. There are a ton of places you can access our trails for the time being, so please do so rather than chancing a driving on unauthorized road charge.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to restore some version of our original trailhead at Angelo’s Truck Stop, but for now that small section from behind Angelo’s to the unmaintained road allowance that leads to County Road #44 has been closed to us.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter,


The club has received several trespass complaints by local landowners in the vicinity of our JATV trail system. These trespass issues are occurring along the power line corridor on properties that are not part of our trail system and on private land. Of particular concern is private property West of the old rail bed and along the power line corridor.

JATV club members are reminded that only JATV trails are legal and deviating even a few meters off of established JATV trails may result in a trespass offense and possible withdrawal of the club’s permission altogether. This includes the old rail bed, which is not part of the JATV trail system.

As we are applying to the townships for various permissions, the last thing we need is a disgruntled land owner to oppose our motions to Council.

Please pass this message to ATV riders you encounter during rides. I am fairly certain these trespassing individuals are not OFATV and specifically not JATV members.

Thank you Pat Marceau, President JATV Club.

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Our All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) club is located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Our trail system extends from Angelo’s Truck Stop near Johnstown to the Limerick Forest South Tract and consists of approximately 150kms of trails catering to die-hard and casual riders. We have a purpose built tunnel under highway 416, which allows us to have trails on both the east and west sides of the highway. The trails are open all year (including winter) with the exception of closure during the spring thaw and district hunting seasons. Trail conditions vary throughout the year. Bring your quad and have a great ride.

A valid OFATV membership or OFATV day pass is required to ride on the club trails. Your OFATV permit also allows you access to all of the Eastern Ontario Alliance Trails (EOTA) in Ontario